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Join Ryuu and his company through a world completely void of color. Battle wild animals, monstrous fiends, bandits, and crazed gods as you try to unlock the mystery of the world's dullening.


Our Heroes!

  • Ryuu - Our protagonist. Easy going, doesn't take himself seriously, tends to go with the flow.
  • Slimey - A jiggly mound of pudding that's looking for companionship. Give him a hug from time to time.
  • Others - There will be 5 more party members for you to find and bring to life (foreshadowing... ooOOooh).

Our Others!

  • Old Men - They have valuable information. You should listen to them.
  • Old Women - Do not make mad. Remember making your grandma mad... yea...
  • Kings - They give you stuff you need to proceed. You should help them out.
  • Peasants - They have quests for you to do. Quests give you loot. Loot is always awesome.
  • NPCs - Fillers and world builders.


An artist gets trapped in the latest project brought to his desk. Now he must venture forth, fighting monsters and "making" allies along the way... all in order to get back home. There will be laughs. There will be tea... more laughs. There will be angry players that do not use their characters to their fullest.


  • Quick Combat
  • A cast of unusual party members... each with their own abilities
  • Side-view battle system
  • On Map Encounters
  • Dungeon Crawling
  • Map exploration
  • Side Quest
  • Equipment that gives you special abilities and/or passives.
  • A tried and true story


The demo showcases more mechanics than it does the overall story. The story is pretty lacking at the moment as we have yet to decide key plot devices and key points of interest to include in the story. There is some story, do not get us wrong, it is just... lacking in content. Nonetheless, we hope you enjoy what we have made so far.

From what we can tell, this game is rated E10+. There is some fantasy violence (fighting enemies), a bit of smoking and a bit of drinking. There even might be a mild swear or two.

This game is a constant work in progress. Mechanics and storylines are bound to change slightly in the future. The rating will more than likely change to a Teen rating. While the story is vague at the moment for the demo, more will be added to the beginning of the game and more will be revealed when you get further into the game.

This is a project that we have worked hard on together and are happy to share it with you all now. While nowhere near complete, we have decided to share the first portion of our game with you all... in the form of a demo. Please, check it out, critique as much as you can on what you can, all feedback is welcome and encouraged.

You cannot get better at something if you don't know what it is you are failing on.

Install instructions

1) Unzip files

2) Run Game.exe


Storybook Hero DEMO.exe 280 MB

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